Hi, I’m Keerthana!¬†Firstly Thank You for stopping by. I started this blog to share my love for everything beauty. I have a soft corner for natural products and I am always experimenting with my skincare and hair care

How I developed my interest in beauty


So this story starts when I was in my 12th standard. I had pretty normal skin until then. I had chickenpox and it affected my face. After I recovered, I still had marks on my face. Everyone told that the scars would eventually lighten over the course of time but after 6 months I saw no visible difference. So I searched for ways to reduce the marks on my face and religiously followed a skincare regimen and I fell in love in the process so much that I have been learning more about beauty ever since then. Also, I was able to lighten my marks :).

A few years back any TV commercial claiming to offer skin benefits would have tricked me to buy stuff but now I am very careful about everything that goes on to my skin.


I have had thick hair with mixed wavy/curly texture. During school time, the girls were supposed to twin braid their hair. So my hair was pretty fine until then and whenever I had to let my hair loose it would be a frizzy mess. So after my 10th standard, I became conscious about my hair being frizzy. My hair would look manageable on the days I washed my hair. So I literally used to wash my hair on every other day and damaged my hair over the course of time.

Once I realized I have done enough damage to my hair I have been taking care of my hair naturally. I have developed a love of my hair and I want everyone to love their natural hair.

Through this blog, I aim to share all things related to natural beauty, DIYs and more.