I was never aware of this ingredient from soo long. It was one facebook post claiming that black cumin can promote hair growth even on a bald spot. So I learned more about this seed.

About Black Seed

Blackseed is commonly found in south and southwest Asia. Black seed has anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen hair, prevents hair loss, promotes hair thickness and also prevent premature greying. Kalonji oil is rich in fatty acid which provides conditioning to your hair and also tames flyaways. I will be sharing how to use black seed for hair.

How to make black seed / Kalonji oil at home

To make this oil you will need

  • One tablespoon kalonji seed
  • One tablespoon fenugreek seed
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil
  • Clean glass jar

Preparation: Take one tbsp of kalonji seeds and fenugreek seed and grind them in a mixture jar to form a powder. To this mixture add 50 ml of coconut oil, 20 ml of castor oil and 20 ml of olive oil. These three oil themselves are known to be the best hair moisturizing mix for hair. Coconut oil has numerous antibacterial, anti-fungal which promotes a healthier scalp resulting in hair growth. All three oils have vitamin e in them which promotes healthy hair growth providing all the necessary goods to the hair.

Mix all the ingredients well in a glass jar. Avoid using a plastic jar or any metal jar for this purpose as the natural components tend to react with them. After mixing the ingredients well, keep this mixture on a double boiler. Take a big bowl of hot water (the water should not be too hot as it might crack the glass jar). The purpose of doing this is to ensure all the nutrients remain intact without any loss.

After this step, place the glass jar in an area which receives sunlight for at least 5 days to the ensure maximum quality of the oil. Your homemade Kalonji Oil is now ready to be used.

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Tip to get the most out of hair oil:

To get the best out of any oil, try the double boiling technique. Most of us are aware of the benefits of hot oil massage but whenever we heat any oil, most of the nutrients are lost. To get the most use the double boiler technique. I usually take my bowl of oil and place it over a glass of hot water and wait until the oil is fully warm.

Another way is to apply the oil and wrap your hair in a plastic cap or just if you don’t like wrapping plastic around your hair, try wrapping our hair with a warm towel. You can warm your towel by dipping it in hot water and squeezing out all the excess water from it.

How to make Kalonji hair mask at home

Ingredients required

  • One tbsp black seed (kalonji)
  • One tbsp fenugreek seed (methi)
  • 2 tbsp curd

Preparation: For this, you would have to soak one tbsp kalonji and one tbsp fenugreek overnight. The next morning grind the mixture to obtain a medium consistency paste. You can add water as per to maintain consistency. Do not add too much water, we don’t want the mixture to be too runny. Add 2tbps of curd to this and mix well. Curd acts as a natural moisturizer and also helps in treating dandruff.

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We also have natural black seed oil now available in the market. Before buying any oil, read the ingredient list carefully. For so long marketing strategies have been able to sell people items claiming to be natural but the ingredient list shows a different story.

Ensure that the Black seed oil you buy is of great quality, free from any mineral oil, parabens, silicone, and fragrance.

If you want to purchase this oil online, I recommend purchasing the WishCare premium cold compressed black seed oil which is free from any type of chemicals-

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Do try using Blackseed oil for hair. I am sure this will work for you. If you see improvement in your hair quality. Do share your experience with me. 🙂

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