I would be keeping this series to the point and sticking to the details

Before you get started on this series, I would like you to see my hair care routine for curly to wavy hair.


As mentioned in the post above, I would be posting things I have been doing to do for healthy hair growth.

When to wash your hair:-

I do believe that it is totally unnecessary to wash your hair every single day. Wash when you feel like your hair feels dirty. Many people would be fine even after a week. Do wash at least once a week. Avoid stripping your hair with regular hair washes. If you are someone who does extreme workout and has oily scalp, I would recommend switching to a very gentle hair cleanser. I usually wash 2 times a week.

First hair mask-: I used fenugreek infused hair oil.

1. Take one tablespoon of fenugreek seed, grind into a fine powder.

2. Now add castor oil and Black seed oil to it, Keep it infused overnight, next morning use it.

In the morning the fenugreek powder would have settled down. At this point, you can choose to strain the powder from the mixture. I would recommend stirring the mixture and use it with the powder form. For me, it works really well, providing necessary exfoliation tot he scalp. It works great for people with dandruff as it helps in getting rid of the dandruff buildup from the scalp.

Second hair mask-: I kept it really simple and only used black seed oil and castor oil for this purpose, extracted vitamin e oil from the vitamin e capsules.

I always preheat my oil using a double boiler method to get the most out of the oils.

The Hair length, for now, is -14 inches.

Suggestions needed-: How would you like the series to go on, should I post every week or every month.

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