What is hair Porosity?

In simple words, porosity is the amount of moisture your hair is able to absorb and hold in. Knowing your hair porosity help you to know your hair problems to a great extent and get to treat them. Porosity is generally determined by your genetics but it can alter with the external factors like heat/chemical treatment. The amount of moisture that can pass through your hair is determined by your hair cuticle. If your hair cuticle lay flat on the surface of your hair that means it is difficult for the moisture to get inside as well as to go outside. When your cuticle lay open on the surface it makes it easier for the moisture to come in and also it is easier for the moisture to leave the surface.

How to determine the porosity of your hair?

The water test:

Take a  bowl of water and a few broken strands of your hair. Put the strands in the water bowl. Wait for 2 minutes and then notice the position of your hair. If your hair is floating over it means that your hair has not absorbed any moisture and you have low porosity hair. If your hair sinks in, it means it has absorbed the moisture and you have high porosity hair. If it lies somewhere in the middle you have medium porosity hair. Another way to test the porosity using water is to spray some water on your dry hair, if you notice droplets of water sitting on your hair it is low porosity hair, You know it is high porosity hair if it is quickly absorbed.

Hair Strand Test:

Take a strand of your hair and move your fingers backward. If your fingers slide smoothly over this, it means you have low porosity hair as the cuticle is closed and the surface is flat. On the other hand, if it is rough moving your fingers backward then you have high porosity hair.

Make sure you perform this test on clean hair and no product is present on your hair.

Taking Care of different type of Hair

Low Porosity

As the cuticles lay flat on the surface of your hair. It is important to use a deep conditioning treatment. For this warm up your oil before you use them on your scalp, it will allow the hair cuticles to open and hence better penetration of product. Follow your hair wash routine by a cold water rinse, this will ensure the moisture is sealed in. Also, refrain from using heavy products on your as it will not penetrate inside and will stay over giving a greasy look.

Medium Porosity

Well, people with medium porosity hair have nothing to worry just follow the usual routine.

High Porosity

As this type of hair allows greater moisture retention and loss.
Extra care is to be taken in a humid climate also while doing activities like swimming as it is prone to damage. Heavier hair products and layering products are proven beneficial as they ensure maximum product retention and less loss. This type of hair loves protein treatment, to ensure that you apply a deep conditioning protein mask from time to time.

Hope you know better about your hair texture now, share this with friends and help them understand their hair better.

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