I have not been posting often, but from now I will be posting regularly. I wanted to have a section in which I explore natural ingredients and all the benefits of that in terms of beauty. I will be posting one such ingredient every week. For today the magic ingredient is wild turmeric

Turmeric is a staple spice in the Indian kitchen. When it comes to natural skincare, we cannot ignore turmeric. Turmeric does wonders for your skin. Wild turmeric is different from the one we use in the kitchen. It is the most suitable type of turmeric to be used for cosmetic purposes. 

How is wild turmeric different from normal turmeric

Wild turmeric has a nice fragrance to it. It is the only type of turmeric used for cosmetic purposes. You might have noticed the yellow staining on your skin while applying normal turmeric in your face pack. There is no staining while using wild turmeric ( I haven’t experienced any). Also, wild turmeric cannot be used for cooking purposes

Benefits of wild turmeric

This single herb can help you improve the texture of your skin. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Regular usage of wild turmeric acts as a great exfoliator and helps you get rid of the excess facial hair. It helps in lightening dark spots, reversing suntan and imparting natural glow to your skin. 

How to use Wild turmeric

Normally if you have been using turmeric for your face, the only thing you would have to do is replacing the turmeric with wild turmeric. 


For people with dry skin -:

Apply a pinch of Kasturi manjal with curd/milk along with besan (gram flour). Leave it until dry.

For people with oily skin, you can use rose water instead of curd/milk.

Link to buy wild turmeric online: – Wild Kasturi Turmeric Powder

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