I have normal to dry skin which tends to be slightly oilier in the humid months.

In this post, I will be covering

  1. Causes for oily skin
  2. Routine for oily skin 
  3. Common Myths
  4. Lifestyle changes
  5. Affordable products for oily skin

Just like any other skin type, oily skin type is different. You cannot change every aspect of your skin but you can choose to customize your skincare routine according to your needs.

Causes of oily skin

  1. Genetics-: Genetics play a major role in oily skin you can be born with oily skin if one of your parents has oily skin. You can also have enlarged pores since birth which again contributes to oily skin.
  2. External environment-: Your skin is more likely to be oily in hot and humid environments. Changing seasons may cause your skin to produce more sebum.
  3. Hormonal imbalance/medication-: Your skin is the reflection of your internal wellbeing, if something is going wrong inside it will show on the outside.
  4. Wrong skin care practices-: Choosing products that are not meant for your skin type and hoping it to work can also cause you oily skin other than that using

Routine for oily skin

While choosing products for oily skin, make sure you avoid heavy formulation. A light formulation would include water or a gel base and not an oil base. If your product contains oil make sure it is noncomedogenic.
Ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid in your skincare products will help in breaking complex oil and dissolving the dead skin.

Avoid ingredients like mineral oil silicone, petroleum jelly.

Normal CTM routine for day and night, avoid layering too many products. Exfoliate at least twice a week and use a clay/mud mask for extra pampering. Allow your pores to breathe and always be light while choosing your products.

Common myths-:

Oily skin does not need to be moisturized:

No, moisturization is an important step for every skin type. When your skin is moisture-deprived, your body produces excess oil to cover for the moisture. On the other hand, if you moisturize if well, it will help your body to produce less oil.

I need to wash my face often because I have oily skin

You do not need to wash your face often either, it will again damage the natural skin barrier and will lead to more oil production.

Lifestyle changes-:

As your skin is already oily, the effect of eating a lot of processed food will show up more altering the skin structure. Make a small change in your eating habits. Include more fruits and green (This works for all skin type)

Affordable skincare routine for oily skin

I have normal to dry skin which tends to be a little oily in summers.

The products I am mentioning are common drugstore products in the most affordable range. I have used a few of them and rest are products commonly liked by oily skin people. Before purchasing the products do read the ingredient list.


  1. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, 125ml – I haven’t tried this cleanser, but people with oily and acne-prone skin swear by this product. This does contain some fragrance. You can avoid this if you are bothered by fragrance.
  2. Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash, 75ml, For Oily & Acne Prone Skin, Vegan Skin Care– This is also a very good affordable face wash for oily skin. It contains glycolic acid which is an oily skin-friendly ingredient.
  3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser – I have tried this cleanser, this is slightly thicker than the usual cleansers. it does an effective job of getting rid of oil. It was a little drying for my normal skin type but it would work great for oily skin. It also contains salicylic acid which is a really good ingredient for oily skin.


  1. Plum Green Tea Toner– I have used this toner and it is good affordable toner with the goodness of green tea and glycolic acid. It does contain fragrance which can be a problem for sensitive noses.
  2. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water– I have used this toner and it is the best. It contains only distilled water and pure roses. it is great for all skin types. Rosewater is a natural astringent. You can use this in your other DIYs as well.
  3. Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner – This is the best affordable toner of all time. I have used this since I was in college and I have repurchased it more than 7 times. All good ingredients and free of fragrance.


While on a budget I feel using a cold compressed oil in replacement to an actual moisturizer works really good

  1. Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser-: I have not tried this but it contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin e and works well for every skin type. The gel base makes it suitable for oily skin as well.
  2. Nature’s Tattva Raw Unprocessed Rosehip Oil, 50ml -: I have used rosehip oil and it works great for normal to oily skin type. It is lightweight and will not clog your pores
  3. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oils Blend-: This is a blend of many oils and I have used this oil and it works really great. You would need only a few drops for oily skin, it can be a little too oily if used in large amounts.


  1. Himalaya Herbals Scrub – Purifying Neem,-: I have used this scrub and it is a very commonly available scrub and does its job.
  2. Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub – I am currently using this scrub and it works great for people with normal to oily skin.


  1. Indus Valley BIO Organic Multani Mitti Powder -: Multani mitti is a very affordable option for controlling excess oil. You can buy it from your local shop as well in powdered or raw form.

Comment down your suggestion for more products that have worked for your oily skin. If you have tried any of the products mentioned above Do share

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