It is normal to lose a few strands of hair every day. Experts say we lose around 50-100 strands of hair every day. You know you have hair-fall when you notice visible thinning of hair i.e the amount you loose does not grow back.

All about hair cycle

Every har strand goes through three phases Anagen i.e the growing phase, Catagen i.e when the hair loosens from the root and the last is Telogen when your hair falls out. Every hair strand has its own individual hair cycle. Otherwise imagine if just like trees, you had a season where you shredded all your hair and walked around without any hair.

Anagen phase lasts on an average of 2-7 years, also genetics plays a great role in this phase. You may have seen some people with better hair growth than yours. For healthy hair, it is important to take a balanced diet so that there is no hindrance offered to hair growth.

When the hair cycle is interrupted due to any reason you experience hair fall.

2 main reasons for hair fall

  1. Internal reasons– Hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency or any other health problems may be one of the main reasons for hair fall. It is important to get consulted by an expert when you see excessive hair fall. Many a time we ignore this but it can be a sign of underlying problems. Once you know your problem make sure to take a proper supplement or include other alternatives in your diet.
  2. External reasons-External reasons refer to scalp health, personal hygiene. Products you are using and also heat styling.

Healthy practices to follow for hair health

  1. Healthy diet-: Everything good on the outside is the result of all the goodness that goes inside you. A healthy diet is a balance of all nutrients. B-vitamin and iron will help promote healthy hair. A simple way to ensure you have enough of them is to simply introduce curry leaves in your diet. Chewing 2 curry leaves on an empty stomach has also proven beneficial for hair fall.
  2. Dandruff and other dirt – Clean scalp means healthy hair. It is really important to keep it clean. Make sure you wash your hair with a gentle cleanser. Most of the shampoos available in the market are loaded up with harsh chemicals. They may cause dryness, itchiness and other problems. Many people have dry scalp and struggle with dandruff. Adding a few drops of tea tree essential oil
  3. Choosing hair products – Most of the shampoos in the market contain SLS. not that SLS is bad but it will cause more dryness to already dry hair. you need to only apply shampoo on your scalp the rest of the hair will be cleaned when the foam falls while cleaning. In the case of conditioner, many people skip using conditioner because it weighs down their hair. I am not saying that conditioner is a necessity for hair. You can skip it also. But people with hair prone to frizz or very dry hair should not skip this Knowing your hair porosity will help you in finding the right conditioner for your hair. To know about your hair porosity Read this Blog-:
  4. Oiling – Just like shampoos, you can go wrong with choosing your hair oil. Most of the hair oils sold in the market have a high percentage of mineral oil in them. Choosing high quality cold compressed natural oils works the best for any hair type. Add in a few drops of essential oil for extra benefits.

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